Monday, April 14, 2008

An Air Asia Experience

Here's a recent experience that my brother-in-law encountered.

He had booked a return flight to Langkawi at least a week before the flight date. He was to fly on the morning of 12th April and return on the afternoon flight. All fully paid. Flight guaranteed. Or so it seemed.

Two days before the the 12th, he received an SMS from the carrier informing him that the morning flight to Langkawi was no longer on and offered him an afternoon flight instead. This was however not practical for him as he had to return to KL in the afternoon. Therefore he decided to cancel his flight bookings and requested for a refund. The refund was turned down. Apparently a customer needs to cancel the booking 1 week before the flight date to be refunded.

Now that sounds ridiculous as he was only informed of the flight time change 2 days before the flight date. And it wasn't even his fault that the morning flight got cancelled by the airline. If it had been on, he would have been on that flight.

Now a customer gets a rescheduled flight shoved upon him and if he doesn't take it, he cannot have a refund. This is totally cattle manure.

Can someone explain this? Certainly no bouquet for this airline.

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Anonymous said...

your friend will never get his money back, not with airasia.