Thursday, April 17, 2008

RHB Bank does it again.....

Well, here's another run in with RHB Bank and the incomprehensible service provided. In early April I logged on to my internet banking account and discovered that while my current account details were there, my credit card details mysteriously vanished. Naturally I decided to call up the helpline. A lady answered my call and promised to look into it and also inform their IT department about the problem I faced. The next day she called me to check if I could see my credit card details to which I replied taht I could not. Days passed and before I knew it, it was almost two weeks since I first called up. The said staff had been good enough to call me up several times to inquire if I had my problem solved.

However, the problem had not been solved yet and nobody could tell me when I could access my card details. Finally, I decided to call up and speak to someone more senior and that was when I gave him a piece of my mind. I requested to speak to someone even more senior if he could not resolve the problem and finally I got a call from the Department Head who told me that they had finally rectified the problem and I could access my accounts as normal.Posted by Picasa
One must remember that the longer it takes to find a solution to a customer's problem the more likely you are to agitate the customer. Almost 2 weeks is certainly a long, long time to correct a minor IT related issue. There must be more connectivity between front line service staff and related internal departments in the bank. So there you have it, RHB does it again. Poor execution in resolving a simple issue.

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