Thursday, April 24, 2008

Surprise your customers. Exceed expecations.

The term exceed expectations has been bandied around for some time now by service proponents and gurus. As we face and deal with more and more sophisticated and discerning customers, just meeting their expectations is already a difficult enough task, let alone to exceed!

But if you really want your customers to have a really good service experience, then you have no choice but to strive to give them pleasant surprises that exceed expectations. Most companies are so busy with their own internal administrative and management demands that they forget or neglect this important aspect of ensuring great customer service experiences.

Too many companies focus too much on internal policies in pursuing their corporate goal (for you and me, that's making money) that they totally sideline customers' interests. The key is to implement a "paradigm shift" by not internalising policies but to "CUSTOMERISE" policies. Which is to say, to put customers FIRST.

When a company puts its customers' interests first, it lays the foundation for satisfying customer needs and serves as a platform for the company to chart and design ways to meet and exceed expectations. When you have a culture like that, staff will gradually be more motivated to serve better! You see the pattern now?

The golden key: CUSTOMERISE, then exceed expectations!

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