Monday, March 17, 2008

The 3 deep breaths technique.

Here's something anyone of us can and should do especially when dealing with a difficult customer. Many a time, service personnel fall into the "trap" of allowing customers' emotion to engulf them. In short, if the customer raises his voice, the personnel would follow suit.

One of the best ways of handling this is to use the 3 breaths technique. When you feel you are about to be drawn into the same behavior as the customer, take an immediate pause and breath in and exhale 3 times. The longer the breaths the better.

Research has shown that this will immediately give you a method of distancing yourself from a customer's frustration/anger/animosity.

Always remember. Your job is to serve and help solve the customer's problem. Not fight with him.

The term customer service has a meaning. Serve the customer.

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