Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How to level the playing field in today's competitive market?

To excel in today's business world, there are many areas that need to be addressed.

Among them : product quality, competition, pricing, supply and demand.

While all these factors may be on somewhat unlevel playing fields, the variables can be stabilised and brought to a manageable level. The highest level of service often levels the playing field and gives you an enormous advantage.

This is the new paradigm that will drive today's businesses toward their goal. In fact this highest level of service technique has been around since man started doing business. Unfortunately, over the years businesses have been focusing so much on profits and bottom line figures that this Highest Level of Service concept became lost in transition.

Highest Level of Service can be broken into numerous parts or components for study and implementation.
If companies today turn their energy and training towards these parts, I can assure you it will translate into phenomenal change in how customers perceive you and your company. It also has an automatic effect on personnel and workforce of the company. Increased self esteem increases respect and sense of velonging toward the company they work for. This is how a company can become a GREAT company to work for.

For study purposes, let's break down HLS into its numerous components.

Cheerfulness and pleasantness.
Understanding and attentive.
Communication that impresses .
Ability to deliver promises.
Speed and accuracy.
Genuine enthusiam.
A natural culture.

These are the components that can be expanded. Take a moment to analyse how your organisation can start implementing these key components and practise them often. Before long, a phenomenal change will start to take place.

Result: More productive staff, happier and satisfied customers. More long term business!

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