Thursday, March 20, 2008

Face the music. Secret to greater success.

I am reminded of the famous phrase used in the game of golf. When in trouble at a particular hole, take your medicine and move on.

What this really means is that there are bound to be certain things you cannot avoid, especially when a mistake has been committed.

So you have got to be able to stand up and face the music and do the best you can within your authority to please or at least alleviate your customer's frustration. Customers are not always right but when they have been wronged or given the short end of the stick, you have got to be prepared to face the music and genuinely resolve the matter even if you have to go out of your way.

From the customer standpoint, you have an opportunity to turn adversity into victory. But it all depends on how you handle the delicate situation. And may I remind you that when a customer is frustrated, the situation gets really delicate.

Admit your error or mistake. Most of the time it's not even you who was the cause of the mistake or whatever the shortcoming may be. But you have to represent your company. And customers are not dumb. they are as smart as you are. If a customer asks for an apple and a durian was delivered, you had better admit something went wrong somewhere instead of trying to convince the customer that the durian is actually some kind of apple!

Ask yourself this. If you ordered a cup of coffee and got ice cream instead, how would you feel?

Exactly. Here's some of the stuff that would go through your mind.

Disappointment. Your order was not registered correctly.
Frustration. Nobody took the trouble to check your order.

These are common feelings but depending on how the personnel handles you and the situation, it can work out quite fine or disastrously.

So you see, the choice is actually in your hands. It's a question of what result you want. Once you have decided, work towards it. Do whatever you can. In your power. You'd be amazed how much power you have once you decide you want to go all out to please the customer.

Always remember. Face the music. Then rectify it immediately as best for the customer as can be. Your customer will appreciate it.

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