Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Excellent service from Australian High Commission

Back in 2007, I needed to be on standby to catch a flight to Australia to accompany a relative who had fallen ill back to Malaysia.

You could say this was an emergency.

I called up the Aussie high comm and was told that I needed to apply for a Visa. However, because it was nearing the weekend, I was requested to give them a few days to approve the application and this would stretch to the following week. This is normal procedure.

The lady I spoke to was professional and listened attentively as I started to explain that I may need to fly on that very day itself. After some deliberation, she suggested I fax a copy of my passport over to her and she would try her level best to get the visa issued on that same day.

A few hours later, I received her call to tell me that my visa had been approved and I may fly to Australia anytime I wished.

This is exemplary service of the highest excellence!

Note: When customers speak, always listen and do your best to help them solve their problems. You will be remembered forever and 20 other people will hear about the excellent service provided.

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