Friday, March 21, 2008

Customers want prompt reply.

Lately around the world, there has been a growing trend of slow replies to customers' enquiries through phone, snail mail or email.

It has been found that some web companies in the UK take up to 100 hours or more just to reply an email enquiry. This is totally unacceptable to the customer.

If one starts to analyse a customer, one would find that a common trait among 85% of general customers want things to be done promptly, accurately and efficiently. The other 15% also want the same thing but they want it done immediately!

The general acceptable time lapse for an email reply is 24 hours. Snail mail 1 week. And telephone replies must be same day. Preferably within the hour.

Promptness in replying your customers show that you mean business and value your customers.
It also reflects your understanding of the business you're in and a perceived level of competence.

Important: If you cannot reply an enquiry speedily and satisfactorily, your customers will have no faith when they have a problem that needs your assistance to solve. If you take 100 hours to reply an enquiry email, you would probably take 10 days to reply an email that needs a solution to a problem.

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