Friday, March 21, 2008

3 is the magic number!

A Grandmaster Banker I know loves the number 3. Even all his cars have the number 3 on its registration plate. While this may be his magic number, it is even more significant for your organisation to make sure it becomes your magic number. Huh?

Let me explain. In the numbers game, 3 is very important for business. And 3 when linked to the number of rings that go off before you answer your customer's call is THE magic number.

Every company should have staff answer the phone within 3 rings! Customers are busy people too. And they are even more impatient when they want service fast. Remember, customers always want things done fast. And they would really appreciate if someone can answer their call within 3 rings.

By the way, most MNCs have adopted this as part of their service to customers. It portrays a corporate philosophy that projects how important the customer is to them. If your organisation takes more than 3 rings to answer a call, your customers will have a different perception of your service level to them. And over time, that perception will grow stronger and stronger until they stop calling you. They start calling someone else!

3 rings. Definitely a good place to start.

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